You are a no-nonsense, independent, competent woman. An expert in your field, working in humanitarian aid, international development or international relations.
Your mission?
  • Eradicate violence against women.
  • Eliminate sexual and gender-based violence.
  • Ensure accountability for war crimes and
  • Support the implementation of practices that protect people from sexual and gender-based violence.

    The thing is you've had some challenges like gender discrimination, patriarchal attitudes and systems that undermine your initiatives for gender equality, peace and security, sexual harassment and/or violence and your deteriorating emotional, mental and physical health.

    You’re tough but you’re tired. You’re starting to wonder what you are doing but you stop. I mean, there’s no time to really think about all of this is there? The work must get done. But can it? How much more can you take? How much more can you push yourself? What else do you have to do?
    You know what? I get it.
Working With You

I want to help you overcome these challenges and feel fulfilled.

When we leave university, we have the knowledge and the tools to enhance our expertise. What we don’t have are the tools to make damn sure our voice is heard! We don’t have the tools for inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue. We don’t know what resources to draw from to ensure we are not harassed or assaulted. What’s more, we are not taught how to take care of ourselves or how to build a support system for ourselves so that we can make that important difference. I should know, I’ve been there.

I want to help you overcome these challenges and feel fulfilled. I want to do this through what I feel most passionate about and where I have the expertise – conflict resolution and self-awareness.

The most fulfilling part about coaching is witnessing my clients, through my services, use conflict resolution skills to address and transform conflicts.

Especially when they feel it’s too difficult but try anyway, that’s when the magic happens! There’s a shift that occurs. The problem they had no longer exists. They have healthy work relationships. They feel great and sometimes, the outcome is more than anyone could have expected!

All genders are impacted working for peace and stopping violence. My approach considers how conflict impacts genders differently. If you are not a woman and are committed to ending sexual and gender-based violence as well as establishing gender equality, let’s talk about how I can help you.

“In receiving coaching support from Jo, I received the gift of full presence, empathetic listening and insightful perspective. Her wisdom inspired me to take new actions that generated greater inner alignment and positive outer results. I am grateful for Jo's talents and would not hesitate to reach out again for support.” ~ Elizabeth Soltis, Director, Bridges Global ~

I'm curious but I don't know if this is right for me.
What does coaching with me look like? What kind of workshops and presentations can and I do I offer?

Drop me a note of inquiry and let's connect!