Feel it through

Feel It Through

Oct/13 By

Do you ever get so angry you can feel your throat close-up? Or you can feel the tears well up? Or you can actually feel yourself holding your breath? Do

The Gold

The Gold Is In The Pause

Oct/3 By

Do you ever get caught up in work? You are working on a project and either you are so enthusiastic about it or anxious about finishing it by a deadline

Lead by action.2

Lead By Action

Jul/31 By

“Everyone wants to be heard and no one wants to listen.” My friend and colleague has said this for years.   He’s right. Let’s face it, if we’re honest with


Today I Am Awesome Because…

Jul/19 By

How many times do you start a sentence like that? I suspect the answer is likely: Not often or Never. Now how many times do you think or say the

Start the day

How You Start The Day Matters

May/15 By

The world had started without me again and I needed to catch-up. I used to wake up at 5:30am get breakfast and coffee ready then settle down in front of

Rage 6


Mar/7 By

I have witnessed the RAGE of women. Ashley Judd epitomized this when reciting the words of Nina Donovan at the Women’s March on January 21, 2017. With those words I


My Story: The Conflict Within.

Dec/9 By

A few years ago I found myself being interviewed for a job in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I was struggling back then. I literally lived from pay-cheque


Something more dangerous than the President-elect (and how a conflict resolution approach can help).

Nov/21 By

Since Wednesday November 9th (2016) I’ve been practicing something that I preach: Pausing. Being Curious. Reflecting. Observing. Actively listening. My circle of friends and colleagues all seem to be on


One Way To Build Your Resilience.

Oct/27 By

Experiencing something upsetting or traumatic, whether in our work or personal life, immediately makes many people recoil and isolate themselves. We suck it up. We decide it’s better to be


How to Get Someone To Listen To You.

Oct/5 By

A friend of mine says, when it comes to conflicts, “We all want to be heard but no one wants to listen.” So how do you get to be heard?