Listen To Your Body

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I should practice yoga. I should stay late and finish this report. I should go out to the party to celebrate the launch of the project. I should see my


Connect The Dots – Practice Gratitude

Dec/15 By

I was at a workshop on Indigenous awareness and cultural sensitivity recently which brought to mind a different perspective on gratitude. The benefit of practicing gratitude is that you re-wire

Inspiration 2

Choose Inspiration

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Part of my morning routine is to listen to music be it a rural village or major city. Music is powerful. It taps into a place inside of us that

Play 2


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In India I worked long days. They were filled with business meetings, proposal writing, negotiating contracts and delivering training. It was fulfilling and challenging work. Almost every day I set



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I was working for an organization that was in the midst of change. Processes put in place to mitigate risks were being overlooked. There was too much that needed to


Why Women Undermine Women & What To Do About It.

Oct/20 By

The Problem: The Workplace I read an article recently on why some women undermine other women in the workplace. I was struck by the conclusion: Women undermine other women not

Feel it through

Feel It Through

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Do you ever get so angry you can feel your throat close-up? Or you can feel the tears well up? Or you can actually feel yourself holding your breath? Do

The Gold

The Gold Is In The Pause

Oct/3 By

Do you ever get caught up in work? You are working on a project and either you are so enthusiastic about it or anxious about finishing it by a deadline

Lead by action.2

Lead By Action

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“Everyone wants to be heard and no one wants to listen.” My friend and colleague has said this for years.   He’s right. Let’s face it, if we’re honest with


Today I Am Awesome Because…

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How many times do you start a sentence like that? I suspect the answer is likely: Not often or Never. Now how many times do you think or say the