In India I worked long days. They were filled with business meetings, proposal writing, negotiating contracts and delivering training. It was fulfilling and challenging work. Almost every day I set the intention to play street footie (soccer) outside the office with a colleague. Sometimes if the neighbourhood kids were around we would set-up small teams.… Continue reading Play

Why Women Undermine Women & What To Do About It.

The Problem: The Workplace I read an article recently on why some women undermine other women in the workplace. I was struck by the conclusion: Women undermine other women not so much because of gender but because of workplace conditions. I disagree. Some women undermine other women because of the influence of patriarchy and impact… Continue reading Why Women Undermine Women & What To Do About It.


I have witnessed the RAGE of women. Ashley Judd epitomized this when reciting the words of Nina Donovan at the Women’s March on January 21, 2017. With those words I recognized my women friends, colleagues, strangers and myself. As much as we have tried to drown, ignore, or work through the RAGE, it is still… Continue reading Rage