Microdose on Rest

Even though we know better, we still think working longer means being committed, caring, and doing a good job.    But when we work 11 to 15-hour days, and the “break” is caregiving for ourselves (i.e., doctor’s appointments, groceries, house or car maintenance) and others (taking care of children, partners, elders, and friends), how do… Continue reading Microdose on Rest

How to Receive An Apology

We all want an apology when we feel we’ve been wronged.   We’re also clear about what we want from an apology; to be specific, meaningful, and timely.   But what about how we receive it?   What’s our role as the person receiving the apology and how does it affect the resolution to conflict?… Continue reading How to Receive An Apology

How to Give Feedback Well

The need to give feedback is inevitable. Why?   Because at the heart of feedback is the need to address and fix a problem.   While the objective seems simple enough, giving feedback is not. How it is delivered has significant consequences.   Delivered well it can create a sense of belonging, a commitment to… Continue reading How to Give Feedback Well