Interview Coaching

You’re here because you want to give your best effort for the interview you just landed or the next interview that comes up. You want to prepare for the interview and practice for it with someone who won’t judge or intimidate you. Instead, you will feel challenged to emphasize your strengths and your experience clearly and effectively. You also want to learn how to speak to the gaps in your CV and convince someone to give you a chance. 

This is where I can help you. 

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Package Info:

With this package, you receive customized interview questions for the job you are applying for or to be used for practice to prepare you for future interviews.

You also get a 1.5 hours coaching session. 

I will provide you with feedback on your interview answers and, if you feel comfortable, we will role-play answering questions that you want coaching on in particular. 

The focus will be to ensure you are clear, succinct and engaging. I’ll help you address any imposter syndrome you have by helping to build your self-confidence. Where questions ask for examples of your experience and you don’t have it, I’ll help you learn how to answer them without lying and still convince the hiring manager to consider your application because of your response! 

After you will receive a document of key takeaways to keep in mind in future interviews and my feedback notes on your written interview questions. 


  1. In order to have customized questions to respond to, I will need to receive your cover letter, CV, any other material submitted in the application as well as a copy of the job description. All materials must be submitted as word documents or by using Google Docs. These materials must be sent directly after paying for and booking your appointment. 
  2. Responses to the interview questions must be sent 3 business days prior to our scheduled session so I can review the answers, prepare feedback and plan on what requires focus during our session. 

Full terms and conditions will be shared after the info session.

My approach

My coaching approach combines neuroscience, somatic practices, and problem-solving. It’s trauma-informed and survivor-centred. I apply a feminist, intersectional lens and my conflict resolution experience. 

Added Benefit

I empathize with how frustrating it is to apply for numerous applications especially when little to no feedback is offered on them and there’s no acknowledgement for how much time and effort you put into them.

I also appreciate how applying for a job is a job AND that it can and does take a toll on you. 

What you will get with my support is a coach who’s been where you are and gets it.  


Jo’s technique made a huge difference in my job search. I went from freezing up in interviews, to confidently responding even to very aggressive interview styles.

The most aggressive interview I had, where I found myself calmly able to field questions that would have previously caused me to spiral into panic mode, turned out to be the job I got after 10 months of searching, a dream job for me!

— Human Rights Researcher, New York City, U.S.A


This package is $500.00 USD. Full terms and conditions will be shared after the info session.

Interested? Book an information session or e-mail me at

When you book the info session and answer a short needs assessment survey please include the date of the interview (if you have one scheduled) and any other details you feel are relevant. If you don’t have an interview but still want to go through the process, please mention this in the needs assessment survey attached to the link. 


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Interested and want to learn more? Book an information session or e-mail me at

I look forward to connecting with you!