Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what to say, how to react and how to keep yourself safe when:

  • What you’ve raised in a meeting is attributed to someone else and you feel ignored and invisible?
  • A colleague, direct report or boss attempt to gaslight you, make you feel small and/or disrespected?
  • You face passive aggressiveness or outright conflict at work?

You can learn how to deal with all of this effectively and safely through the support provided in this package.

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Package Info:

This package is comprehensive and holistic. Through a paced, customized approach to meet you where you’re at, you will:

  • Tools and strategies to deal with the internal conflict that arises due to the external conflict.
  • Learn how to shift from reaction to strategy by learning how to use resilience practices to ground yourself.
  • Clarity exercises to help you communicate the wants and needs you require to be met.
  • Guidance on how to proactively avoid conflict as well as how to deal with conflict as it happens.
  • Learn how to plan for and have a difficult conversation including dealing with a push-back.

After you implement the different parts, we’ll review and debrief the experience in order to figure out what is working as well as where you may need extra support. I will set you up to move forward feeling clear and confident when dealing with difficult situations and conflict. You will be able to address such situations knowing how to keep yourself safe, how to have your boundaries respected and how to ensure your resilience. 

What’s Included:

This package consists of 4-6 sessions.* When you purchase it you get:

  • Four to six 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Session summary notes (key takeaways + short homework assignments)

The first 1-2 sessions are spent understanding the situation you are facing and helping you with initial steps to get clear on what you ideally want, as a result, be with difficult emotions and build your resilience.

The next 2 sessions will focus on starting to build a strategy and then implement it. 

Rest assured we will go at a pace that challenges you AND ensures you feel safe and resilient. In these sessions I will coach you on gaps in your application of conflict resolution and non-violent communication skills and help you reinforce practices to keep you resilient, clear and grounded. 

*For some, 4 sessions will be enough to help address the issue. For others, because conflict is complex, we may uncover some blocks or challenges that require more time to address them. For this reason, you may need to invest in 1-2 more sessions. 

We can discuss the package and which option is best for you during our information session.

My approach

My coaching approach combines neuroscience, somatic practices, and problem-solving. It’s trauma-informed and survivor-centred. I apply a feminist, intersectional lens and my conflict resolution experience. 

Added Benefit

One thing my clients appreciate about my coaching is that I can relate to their circumstances in a way coaches without a background in humanitarian aid and international development can’t. 

I understand the commitment to the work, the challenges, what makes it rewarding, what makes it toxic and why, in spite of this, people continually choose to work and stay in these fields. It’s not simply a job, it’s something more.


When in conflict or in a difficult place professionally, we tend not to see the way out and tend to dig into our positions. This typically makes things worse. What Jo did was to open up options for me that I did not see or think possible. Even just by a simple change of attitude and intention in my interactions I was surprised at the results. I am very grateful to Jo for her example, advice and care that she showed throughout the process and for staying approachable and human the whole time.

— NGO Worker, Washington


For a package of 4, the investment is $1280.00 USD.

This is a limited time discounted package price. The regular price for each session is $360.00 USD.

Full terms and conditions will be shared after the information session. 

Different rates may apply if your organization is paying for these services. Considerations include whether the organization is a small to mid-sized NGO versus a corporate company versus INGO. A quote will be offered after the completion of our info session which you can book using the link below.

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