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Hello and Welcome!

The way we work must change. 


We understand the context: the #MeToo and #AidToo movements; recommendations following inquiries into incidents of sexual exploitation and abuse, bullying and harassment; and the frank discussions examining existing racism and colonial approaches in our work.


You and your organization want to: 

  • Work in an environment that is free from harassment and abuse
  • Create and maintain an accountable, supportive, equitable, diverse and inclusive work culture 
  • Increase awareness of unconscious biases and how to address it
  • Communicate with each other in a way that is healthy, respectful, constructive and transformative 
  • Be a part of an organization that supports mental health and well-being
  • Be able to trust each other.


I can help you and your team achieve all of this.

Whether you are looking for training, coaching or consulting services, I will support

your organization in creating and implementing a customized plan for success.


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My 3-step approach

What I offer is a customized 3-step approach to create a solution that meets your organization’s needs.



Step 1: Clarity

I will work with you and your team to get clear on the specific needs and desired outcomes you want from my services.  


Step 2: Strategy

I will develop a plan that meets your objectives, challenges your employees to grow in a way that is manageable and maps next steps for scalable growth.


Step 3: Results

I will deliver results that engage your employees and creates buy-in to creating healthy workplace culture.




Client Testimonials

Jo has created and facilitated training sessions focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion for AboutFace. Jo has always been mindful of delivering sessions that are relevant to participants and empower them with the knowledge to build inclusive, intersectional programs and services. She shows a great commitment to her work at creating equitable and safe spaces and processes.

Danielle Griffin, Executive Director, AboutFace

I faced challenging office politics in my new position, always a point of weakness for me, but Jo helped me to learn and apply communication strategies to set boundaries and assert myself, but with kindness, honesty and compassion. I now feel that I am on a path to be able to be confident and assertive at work, but Jo has shown me a way to do so that resonates with my deeper values at the same time.


Human Rights Researcher, New York City, U.S.A.

I came to Jo at a challenging time in my life, having jumped into responsibilities I was struggling to undertake while teaching myself a lot of new skills. In the midst of all of this change, my communication skills – never fantastic! – were failing, causing conflict in my workplace. Jo helped me to develop the skills I needed to handle my new position, and she did it in a way that was honest, truthful, and kind.

Megan, Canada


Organization Services

My wish is for your organization to thrive with a diverse, inclusive, equitable, healthy, happy, motivated workforce.

Discover how we can make that happen by learning about my services below. After, sign-up for an info session and/or sign-up to my e-mail list.


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