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You’ve done it! You’ve taken one more step towards clarity and what you want in your life and career! Take some time to learn more about my approach, explore your options, learn how we can work together and what clients have to say by viewing the information below.



Hello and Welcome!


With my coaching services, I can support you in creating and implementing a strategy so you can live the life you want and have the career of your dreams – all while feeling aligned with your values!


Who is this for?


I know you’re used to sudden changes, humanitarian crises and emergencies. I also know that what we are experiencing around the world right now is prompting significant reflection on how we choose to live our lives as we move forward.


If you are… 

  • Wanting to make a career transition in a way that feels aligned with your values and your priorities but are unsure how to do that; 
  • Know your worth, value and boundaries but have difficulty articulating them successfully or being taken seriously; 
  • Have the work experience for the jobs you apply for but have difficulty connecting-the-dots for potential employers on how your experience meets their needs; or
  • Are new to the workforce and/or are finding it hard to get the job you want, finding work conditions unsustainable and/or frustrated at the lack of acknowledgement for your skills, perspective and expertise.


I can help!


I am committed to supporting people who:

  • Will take the actions necessary to achieve their aims;
  • Exercise curiosity and are willing to try and practice new approaches;
  • Are afraid and courageous;
  • Know change takes time;
  • Value time and effort;
  • Want to shift from fear and a scarcity mindset to an empowered and abundance mindset.


It’s important to spend time reflecting on what’s right for you so that you can take the next best step. Learn more about my 3-step strategy below and what clients have to say 




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My 3-step approach

What I offer is a customized 3-step approach to find a solution that works specifically for you.



Step 1: Clarity

I will work with you to address confusion and shift to clarity. 


Step 2: Strategy

We will co-create a strategy to get you what you want in a way that feels manageable, aligned with your values and that encourages you to go for your vision!


Step 3: Results

Our final step will be to test out the strategy in a way that feels comfortable while still challenging you to grow. We’ll figure out what works and what requires tweaking so you can successfully advocate for what you want!





After working with me
you can expect to:


  • Be clear about what you want to achieve and why
  • Know what actions to take to achieve your goals
  • Feel motivated and confident to follow-through
  • Make decisions aligned with your values
  • Know how to use resilience skills when faced with challenges and
  • Have more self-awareness which will help you make the right decisions!


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Client Testimonials

Working abroad, across cultures and across sectors can be stressful. Jo helped me create the space I needed to take a step back and reflect. She provided me with helpful prompts – helping me assess my various work relationships, asked tough questions around my motivations and boundaries and – most important of all – reminded me to be compassionate with myself. I may not have all the answers, but I’m doing the best I can and that – in itself – is an achievement!

Victoire, Myanmar

Jo was so incredibly helpful at a time when I was feeling quite lost about the field after graduating from my Masters. After over a year of applying for jobs, she helped by going through, step-by-step, the application process, as well as the realities of working in International Development. She explained so many things to me that, quite simply, you do not learn in the academic world about the field. Our session really gave me the confidence to continue applying, and I’m so happy to say that within only a few months I found “My Dream Job”. Thank you Jo!


Megan – MSC, MA, (Vancouver, Canada) Project Officer

After each session with Jo, I felt more empowered and encouraged to transition from my role in a humanitarian aid organization to moving my business forward. She introduced me to actionable tools and strategies to improve my focus and productivity, as well as to quell negative self-talk.  I was amazed by the improvement I saw in my self-confidence and focus after working with her. Jo really gets to know you. Her insight on how to maximize the way you work is invaluable.


Elena, CEO of Pink Pinapple Labs, Tulsa OK, U.S.A.




I’ll help you feel more confident, clear and resilient, you’ll also know what actions to take to live a life and have a career aligned with your values.


The prices listed with each coaching package factor in the following:

  • 16 years of experience as a conflict resolution practitioner, gender, equality, inclusion and diversity specialist, coach and trainer with a background in neuroscience using a trauma-informed, survivor-centred approach
  • 16 years working on conflict resolution, advocating for gender equality and equity, addressing sexual and gender-based violence and women, peace and security issues
  • 1 hour of 1-on-1 coaching per session (unless otherwise stated)
  • Time and reflection spent on analysis of your situation, writing session summary notes with highlights of your session as well as assignments, reviews, edits and recommendations on the material you share with me. Depending on the package purchased this can include homework exercises, communication and networking strategies, cover letters and CVs, development of customized interview questions etc.


Deciding to embark on a coaching journey is exciting once you know what you can expect. That’s why before you sign on to a package, we’ll meet up in an info session. What you can expect, in an hour or less, is time to ask me questions about the coaching packages, my experience, my approach and what we can accomplish together. 


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Complimentary Resources


It’s important to spend time reflecting on what’s right for you so that you can take the next best step. If you’re unsure what to do after reviewing the packages or chatting with me, sign-up to my e-mail list. It will help you get more familiar with my experience and approach. You’ll receive a free guide immediately, blog posts about once a month and other freebies and info on discounts and specials.


Try it! What do you have to lose and what do you stand to gain by being curious?


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Coaching Services

My wish is for you to feel aligned with your values and happy on your journey to achieving what you want in your life and career.

So, check out the services below, sign-up for an info session and/or sign-up to my e-mail list.


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I truly want to help you succeed in not only making a difference but doing so differently.


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