Outputs and Outcomes

Outputs and Outcomes, Why knowing the Differences Matters, jorodrigues.net

Getting what you want isn’t just about doing, it’s about making sure that what you do supports you in getting what you want.


Ask yourself: Is what I’m doing today going to support me in getting what I want in my career and life?


If the question is hard to answer consider this:


Outcomes are the results you want to achieve. 
Outputs are the actions that contribute to achieving the outcome.


So, ask yourself: What’s my desired outcome this year? AND What action can I take today to get closer to achieving it?


And yes, life is full of the unexpected. You will get diverted. 


In those moments, remind yourself of the desired outcome and then take the next best action to realize it.

You can and will have the career and life you want. I know you’ve got this! 



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