Facilitation & Mediation

Through the facilitation of dialogue and meditation, I help you and your team transform conflicts into lasting solutions.


There are times when a neutral third-party is what is needed to support organizations in coming together to have difficult and necessary conversations.

I plan and facilitate group discussions to:

  1. Create safe spaces for honest conversations
  2. Build clarity on what each party needs and what are shared interests
  3. Guide group discussions to acknowledge each other’s experience and work together to transform conflict into a meaningful result where all contribute to its success.

My Approach

My approach combines neuroscience, somatic practices, and problem-solving. It’s trauma-informed and survivor-centred. I apply a feminist, intersectional lens and my conflict resolution experience.

Added Benefit

When you work with me, you get someone who has facilitated dialogue and mediated conflict in the humanitarian aid and international development sector, government bodies and the private sector. Over 16 years I have and continue to support organizations come together to have honest, difficult and meaningful conversations. The result is that all stakeholders feel a commitment to the process and resolution.

Next Steps

Book an information meeting with me or e-mail me at jo@jorodrigues.net

Let’s talk about what your organization needs and how I can help.