The Strategy for Rest

Are you exhausted? I mean do you feel drained by the end of your work day due to too much work, difficulty putting up healthy boundaries or effectively dealing with conflict?


In a quiet moment, do you get a glimpse of a path laid out for you in the direction of burn-out?


If the answer is yes AND  you’d like to change this pattern then here’s the strategy to fix it! It’s a strategy for rest. Seriously, I wish I had known this before I burnt-out!


When I finally realized how important it was for me to rest I remember feeling stuck. You see, I had two questions:


How do I rest?
How do I find the time to rest?


Below are 2 exercises I used and still use to help make the idea of resting less daunting.


How Do I Rest?


Set your phone timer for 3 minutes to do this short exercise. Write out a list of what rest looks like to you. It could be:


Taking your dog out for a walk in the woods, the park or your neighbourhood.


Hint: Instead of using the time to think about work, use the time to notice what’s around you or what your pet is paying attention to. Tap out of work and tune in to the present.


Going to the playground and play with your child. Join her/them/him screaming with glee at the top of their lungs as they swing or go down the slide.


Hint: Take part in the enjoyment, let go of work-thoughts and be present.


Sitting outdoors, at a café, in your yard or in a room that makes you feel peaceful and enjoying the taste of a coffee, tea, pastry.


Hint: Notice and savour the tastes, the sights and sounds.


Hanging out with a friend.


Hint: There should be one rule: no talk about work or anything stressful. Instead let it be about what feels like fun or what your dreams and hopes are. Laugh together!


Take the time to brainstorm as many ideas as possible even if you think they maybe unrealistic. When you complete the list, go over it and notice how you feel as you read it. If you feel anxious thinking of it strike it off the list. If you feel peaceful or joyful keep it!


You now have a list of restful things you can do today, tomorrow and next week.


How do I find the time to rest?


Okay so you have your rest list but how do you actually find the time to schedule rest in a busy work day?


Here’s one more simple exercise: Set your mobile timer for 2 minutes and write down what you need to do today.When you’re done, look at the list.


If your list doesn’t have a restful activity on it make a commitment to yourself to remove one thing off the list in order to make the time and space for rest.


If you’re tempted to avoid resting remember, in choosing this option, you are more likely to be pushed over the edge because you haven’t stock-piled on energy for resilience. Remember as well, resting isn’t about busying your mind with worries, anxieties and fear, it’s about giving your mind, emotions and body a chance to be present to joy, delight and a different kind of engagement.


Here’s the thing, while you have trained and prepared yourself to be effective in the work you do, it’s equally important to build your capacity to rest.


Resting helps you regain your energy and perspective. It also places you in a better position to practice articulating your healthy boundaries and addressing conflict successfully.


If you want more guidance on how to apply a holistic approach to preventing burn-out, address conflict and/or building healthy boundaries, below are 3 actions you can take:


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