Mindful Communication – Podcast

Working in humanitarian aid is rewarding but you can feel disconnected, burnt-out and frustrated. I know. I’ve been there. Have a listen as I discuss with Brigid what humanitarian aid workers need to feel connected, grounded and resilient. Click here to listen to the podcast: Mindful Communication After listening, think of one action you can… Continue reading Mindful Communication – Podcast

Listen To Your Body

I should practice yoga. I should stay late and finish this report. I should go out to the party to celebrate the launch of the project. I should see my friend. I should do the dishes. I should… Every time you start a “should” sentence how does your body react? Have you ever noticed? Does… Continue reading Listen To Your Body

Connect The Dots – Practice Gratitude

I was at a workshop on Indigenous awareness and cultural sensitivity recently which brought to mind a different perspective on gratitude. The benefit of practicing gratitude is that you re-wire your brain which shifts how you deal with the day-to-day business of living. In the workshop the facilitator shared a story of how some Indigenous… Continue reading Connect The Dots – Practice Gratitude

Choose Inspiration

Part of my morning routine is to listen to music be it a rural village or major city. Music is powerful. It taps into a place inside of us that stirs up emotions. It can take us on a journey to the depths of despair, sadness, anger, happiness and hope. What I listen to on… Continue reading Choose Inspiration


In India I worked long days. They were filled with business meetings, proposal writing, negotiating contracts and delivering training. It was fulfilling and challenging work. Almost every day I set the intention to play street footie (soccer) outside the office with a colleague. Sometimes if the neighbourhood kids were around we would set-up small teams.… Continue reading Play

Why Women Undermine Women & What To Do About It.

The Problem: The Workplace I read an article recently on why some women undermine other women in the workplace. I was struck by the conclusion: Women undermine other women not so much because of gender but because of workplace conditions. I disagree. Some women undermine other women because of the influence of patriarchy and impact… Continue reading Why Women Undermine Women & What To Do About It.