How to Feel Empowered When You Don’t!

Ever go into a meeting feeling anxious and defeated?? You feel you’ll open and close your mouth, words will come out but no one will listen to you or worse, they will shame or dismiss what you have said as inconsequential. Ever feel like that?  I have. 

In order to be empowered you gotta feel it. You need to embody the way you want to feel. 

How do you do this when you feel the complete opposite of empowered?

Take a moment to imagine, in detail, what it looks like for you. 

Ask yourself: 

What does an empowered YOU look like? 

How do you talk? 

How do you walk?

What do you wear? 

What do you say?

How does this empowered you start and end the day?

Having clarity on how an empowered you looks and feels will help you become this person.

Once you have answered the questions, step into how you want to feel

Think of it like trying on an outfit that looks great in the store window. Put it on. Shoes, clothes, accessories, attitude and all. Walk around in it. Notice how it feels. As you do, you’ll start to get a sense of whether this is the idea of empowerment you had for yourself.  If there’s no alignment, change it up – your approach, the way you speak, the clothes you wear. If it feels too overwhelming, pace yourself. Try to do one thing differently. Once you get the hang of it, add another practice or way of being to be this empowered you.

Know that it will not be perfect as you try but, with practice, you will feel how you want to feel. 

Embody how you want to feel to be an empowered YOU!

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A virtual high-five from me to you!

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