The Hack to Get You Back on Track!

It’s a new year and while I’m usually excited about new beginnings, I have a tendency to get anxious.


When I’m anxious, I find myself going down the rabbit hole of “what-ifs?” and somehow, I’ve lost minutes or hours of my life I’ll never get back!




Over the years I’ve figured out a hack to get me back on track. 


I ask myself, What is my intention? I then ask: What will I do to fulfill this intention? I also get clear on why I’m doing this.


Having these answers helps me focus and refocus on making my intentions a reality instead of getting stuck in anxiety. 


So how do you practically apply this hack? 


See my example below and then see how you can apply it to your specific situation!


The Hack to Get You Back on Track


Step 1: Answer the three questions. 


Question 1: What is my intention this year as it relates to my work?


My Answer: To support you! (Yep, I really do mean you!)


Question 2: What will I do to fulfill this intention? Be specific.


My Answer: 


Coaching Support


I love supporting clients 1-on-1 so I will continue to offer coaching services to support you in building and implementing a strategy to:


  • feel empowered enough to self-advocate for your needs and wants successfully
  • dismantle toxic relationships and build healthy ones
  • transform conflicts into unfathomable, awesome, win-win solutions and
  • get the job you want – aligned with your values!




I’m building courses on self-advocacy, conflict resolution, and how to get the job you want! I’m excited about creating and offering them to you later this year! Stay tuned for that.


Blog Posts and Other Resources


I will continue to write blog posts and short e-mails as well as producing other free resources. My aim in sharing these with you is to provide relevant, timely guidance and support. So, if you sign-up to my e-mail list (here’s the link), expect to get an e-mail approximately once a month knowing this is the intention. The only time you may get a few more e-mails in a month is so that I can share info on events, workshops, courses, etc.


Question 3: Why am I delivering the above?


My Answer: 


Because my vision is to create sustainable, world peace. 


Through these services I provide I intend to fulfill my mission: To empower you with the tools you need to transform conflicts and difficult situations into a reality where you feel empowered, at peace and fulfilled.


Step 2: Refer to your answers in moments of doubt, overwhelm and confusion.


In the future, when I find myself drawing a blank and asking myself: What am I doing? Or why am I working on this again? Or why am I working with this colleague, team, organization?, I know I can let the answers to these 3 questions help me refocus.


The way I do this is by asking myself: Does what I am currently doing or who I’m currently working with support my intention, what I intend to do to fulfill my intention and why?


If yes, cool! I’ve reassured myself that I’m on the right track!


If no, then I’ve created an opportunity to learn why I’m choosing to do what I am currently doing – even if it undermines my intention. It’s a chance to examine my actions without judgment. And then, from here, I can take the conscious next step to a) fulfill my intention, b) readjust it – if needed, or c) make a calculated compromise.


Action Item: It’s Your Turn!


So now that you have an example of how to use this hack, it’s your turn.


As we start this new beginning – a new calendar year – complete Step 1.


Whenever you feel doubt, overwhelm or confusion, go back to your answers to these questions and follow the directions in Step 2.


Let this clarity support you in getting back on track to accomplish your goals or readjust them so they feel relevant and meaningful to you!


You’ve got this!



Be well. Stay healthy and safe. Wishing you all the best this new year!



P.S. And you know what to do if you need more support from me: learn about what I have to offer here and then take the next right step for you. You can also send me an e-mail at or book a free needs assessment.