When to Speak Up

Since I started training and coaching 18 years ago, I have always had someone ask me: When is the right time for me to speak up?


The simple and short answer is: When you feel something isn’t right.


The long answer is: When you feel something isn’t right, you have the resilience to be vulnerable and witness others’ reactions without taking them on AND you have the clarity to state what’s not ok, what is, and what you want as a desired outcome.


It’s complicated.


Why We Resist Speaking Up


There are really good reasons not to speak-up. They include being misunderstood, aggressively targeted, bullied, subjected to passive aggressiveness and/or gaslighting.


The cost of not speaking up includes burn-out, depression, anxiety and other physical, emotional and mental-health problems. As a result, relationships with others are impacted negatively.


So, how do you speak-up?


You build your capacity to:


– Deal with difficult emotions and learn to have them flow through you.

– Actively listen in order to get the other party in a space to listen to you.

– Prepare to have a difficult conversation in order to co-create sustainable solutions


But how exactly do you do that?


Mindful Communication


You can build your capacity by learning the technique of mindful communication.


This is the ability to communicate with self-awareness and empathy while conveying acknowledgment (to others as well as yourself), observations and curiosity with the desired result of co-creating a solution all concerned feel good about.


There are a lot of mindful communication resources out there. Unfortunately they fail at helping people speak-up. 


The reason they fail is because people need to practice the tools with guidance and in a way that feels safe.


I’m offering such an opportunity.


My Mindful Communication webinar series consists of 3 1-hour sessions on September 14, 21 and 28, 2023.


Whether you attend the live sessions on Zoom or watch the replay, you will I will guide you on how to apply the tips and tools in way that is safe and increases your ability to use them with confidence. This is about translating theory into practice.


The regular price is $339.00 CAD inclusive of HST. On offer is an early bird special of $299.00 inclusive of HST. This offer ends September 7th, 2023. You can learn more and register here.


If you need financial support, consider asking your organization about opportunities to use professional development funds. View the FAQs in the link for guidance on how to ask for these funds including sharing how your attendance will help build a healthy and inclusive work place.


If you can’t make the series live or via the replays, either e-mail me to learn how to get Mindful Communication training for your team or sign-up to my mailing list below to be the first to know when the next webinar series starts.


You don’t need to live with anxiety, resentment or fear as a result of not speaking up.


Your relationships with others do not have to be impacted negatively as a result of not being able to express yourself.


The content of this webinar series will support you in feeling clear, empowered and resilient.


Use this link to learn more and register.


Please share it with those who will find it helpful.