Work Effectively Under Stress Series – Part 2


In my last post I introduced 2 steps on how to work effectively under stress. These steps make up part of your support system. They are to pause and purge. You can read about it again here.


In the second part of this 2-part series I want to share 3 more steps that complete this support system.


Step #3: Act


If you’ve been in a state of stress at work and pressured to make decisions quickly AND you chose to pause and purge, good on you!


Pausing and purging creates clarity. You become more aware of options and you are able to map out possible results by following through on each one.


The trap here is that you could freeze.


You have all the information but taking the next step may feel like taking a leap of faith. Or you may decide that you’re now aware of the options but it’s safer to do what you’ve always done in these situations.


Fair enough.


There is another option: Follow your wisdom and insights gained as a result of the pause and purge.


This way involves:


  • identifying the action you think is best,
  • naming your fears in taking it and then
  • mapping out what you will do to avoid realizing your fears – or what actions to take if things don’t go as planned.


Yeah, it can be scary. It can also be exciting and empowering – taking a leap of faith in you.


And yep, it may not go as planned or your new action may result in failure. What’s important to understand is that it’s only when we try, fail, rest, learn and try again that we become successful in what we do.


I know your intent is to be successful in your career and life on your own terms.This practice can help you achieve this!


Step #4: Rest.


Taking a leap of faith on your insights and wisdom can be exciting and empowering. It will also drain you. Take the time to rest. That means not reading books on self-development or watching a documentary on human rights. It means giving your body time to restore itself through sleep, good food, exercise, as well as meaningful and fun time with loved ones.


Step #5: Repeat.


Your last step to effectively work under stress is to repeat the cycle of Pause, Purge, Act, and Rest.


Our brain learns through repetition. Determine when and how often you take each step so that it feels as natural and necessary as brushing your teeth daily. Pause. Purge. Act. Rest. Repeat.



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