3 Tips for Job Search Success!

Finding a job whether you are making a transition in your career or just starting out is deeply personal, courageous and humbling.


When people come to me for career coaching – whether in the middle of their career, switching to an entirely new industry or just at the start – inevitably there are 3 challenges they encounter that blocks their success. Here are 3 tips to overcome them.


3 Tips for Job Search Success!


Tip 1: Be Clear.


Here’s what’s great: Most people know what they don’t want in a job, boss, colleagues, work culture, and pay.


Knowing what you don’t want will eliminate which jobs you won’t consider.


What it doesn’t help with is knowing which jobs to consider and apply for.


It’s powerful to name what you want.


But it can also be scary.


Why? Because naming what you want eliminates options.


A different perspective on this is that because you’re more focused, you create the space to attract exactly the right kind of opportunity you want.


In naming what you want, you need to be specific.


This means being specific about what you ideally want in a job, what’s good enough and what are the deal breakers – including the minimum salary you need to meet your basic needs like activities to keep you resilient, food, and shelter.


If you’re not clear, you will be overwhelmed.


Why? Because there is an inclination to apply for everything.


The thing is, the results aren’t worth it.


Either you hear nothing, you get an interview that reveals it’s not the right fit (e.g. the salary is low, the work culture is misaligned with your values, etc.), or you take a job you’re not happy about because you feel you have no options.


This approach is disempowering.


An empowered approach is to get clear.


Name what you want in a job including salary, working conditions and nice-to-haves and use this to guide you in applying for jobs that meet your criteria.


Tip 2: Create a Back-Up Plan


The reality is that finding the right job that meets your salary requirements, your passion, and expectations to be treated with respect and dignity will take time and luck.


Yes, luck.


No one talks about this! It’s the elephant in the room. We stare right at it and but it’s not named.


The reality of job searching is you can have all the experience and/or connections in the world but sometimes it’s about timing, and having the right combination of circumstances to overcome bias, and discrimination.


As you wait for luck to kick in, you still need to eat, provide shelter for yourself and sustain your resilience.


This is when you’ve got to have a Plan B and Plan C.


These are the plans you have in place to ensure you meet your needs while looking for a job.


What does this look like in practice?


Here are some examples.


Plan A: You apply for exactly the job you are looking for and get it! Congrats!


Plan B: It’s taking longer than expected, and you’re running out of savings. Before you do, you get a part-time job in an unrelated field. It’s not a failure. This action allows you to keep going for your dreams while remaining resilient.


Plan C: When things don’t go as planned, you have one more plan in place. You’ve identified sources of moral, spiritual/soulful, and practical support to help you. You take the time to get curious about what has worked to date, what hasn’t, and what you haven’t considered that requires consideration now.


Tip 3: Learn How to Market Yourself


The number 1 mistake I see job seekers make when trying to market themselves is first sharing what they want and then what they have to offer to potential employers.


Sharing this information isn’t wrong. It’s the order-sequence that needs tweaking.


When writing a cover letter, CV or speaking in an info interview, the first thing to share is what you know about what they value and what they need. Next, share what you have to offer, how it’s led to results and how your experience meets their needs. Finally, share what motivates you and why you want the job.


So, there you have it, 3 tips for Job Search Success.


Remember, you know the value you have to offer and you have the evidence that you can make a positive impact. Use these tips to help you get the job you want and feel fulfilled in life!





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