Avoid Mistakes, Conflict & Regret with this!

Have you noticed how reactionary we are as human beings?


There’s a tendency to “like” things or cancel people without a second thought.


We feel an urgency to respond to every e-mail, text, and other notifications.


In this context, the power of pausing can be overlooked.


So, let’s shine a light on it.


Pausing helps in dealing with conflict, difficult emotions, challenging circumstances, and optimizing effectiveness.


I know I’m not using this tool when I make mistakes, turn up the heat on conflicts and do things I regret.


We all need reminders to pause because it allows us to experience what we badly need – a break to recover and regain our energy.


Pausing creates the opportunity to get curious, check our assumptions and biases, build perspective, and work from a place of clarity.


Try it.


Give yourself a break.


You deserve and need it.


How to Pause


If the thought of pausing feels overwhelming or like more work, here are some easy tips.


Book 5, 10, or even more minutes in your calendar for quiet time. Subject title: Pause.


When the reminder pops up, avoid scrolling on your phone.


Instead, take a walk outside, draw, play with a Rubik’s cube, stretch.


Do something that engages your other senses and gives your logical, thinking brain a rest.


Maybe grab a cup of tea with a friend or colleague. Have one rule: Promise each other not to talk about work or problems but about dreams or things you are looking forward to.


Invest in the pause to avoid mistakes, conflict, and regret and support you in your well-being and resilience.




P.S. If you are looking for support in balancing leading, prioritizing, delivering outcomes and not burning out, let’s connect. Review my coaching services here and then book a free needs assessment to discuss what a customized coaching journey can look like for you.