Feel It Through

Do you ever get so angry you can feel your throat close-up? Or you can feel the tears well up? Or you can actually feel yourself holding your breath?

Do you just try to ignore the feeling and keep working?

Ever think that crying at work would only makes you look weak?

Even if no one can see you, you know you’ve done it.

And does the thought cross your mind that no one wants to deal with your anger? Your rage? Your sadness? Do you conclude after all this thinking that the best thing to do – the easiest thing to do – is suck it up and power through?

Over time have you noticed how your body feels? Perhaps it’s stomach issues. Migraines. Overall exhaustion.

Ever consider how stifling your emotions directly impacts your health?

I didn’t.

I used to have trouble crying. I would judge myself quite harshly. I needed to keep it together. There was no time or space for this kind of emotional crap.

Plus I was afraid to. Releasing control of my feelings, I felt, would be like a tsunami. I had stifled so much over so many years, the thought of letting any of it out freaked me out.

I finally let it out. There was too much pressure on me. My health problems were becoming worse. My job situation was precarious. A relationship that had meant so much was lost and so much more. Just so much more.

It was scary. It was ugly. It was awful but I let it out. When it was over I realized it was a relief.

Feeling it through is intense and the emotions can be hard to feel but it gives way to clarity. You have a better sense of what you are dealing with. While the process may feel daunting and lonely, it is actually courageous and empowering.

Remember to identify your support system and call on them for that extra support you will need. These are the people who will not judge or shame you. Instead they will stand-by you in your darkest moments and allow you the space to break-down, dissolve and transform.

Feel it through.

A nod of respect from me to you.
You are taking the time and investing your energy in something worthwhile;
To be empowered to make a difference.


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