How Small Adjustments Lead to Big Results

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You know what you don’t want.


You don’t want a repeat of certain things that happened last year.


No more sending job applications into the abyss with no acknowledgment whatsoever.


No more finding yourself sitting at your desk asking yourself: What just happened? Either being told off, shamed, ignored or made to feel invisible.


No more feeling like what you’ve done isn’t enough.


I’m right there with you.


It’s great to know what you don’t want. It’s the first step to building clarity and to achieving what you do want.


The next step is naming what you do want and then following through with action.


But you know what’s missing from this process?


Adjusting your thoughts, your habits and your life to make way for success.


What Does Making Small Adjustment for Big Results look like?


Getting the job or promotion that you want isn’t simply a matter of applying for them.


A small adjustment required is building the habit of marketing yourself authentically and naturally. The next small step is refining it.


Another step is building awareness to find the opportunities to plant seeds or be direct in sharing what you have to offer, how it supports an organization’s mission and what benefits occur as a result.


See? Small adjustments for big results.


If you want to stop yourself from asking: What just happened? you will need to adjust your habits around awareness and curiosity.


It requires creating time to ask questions like:


• What am I upset about and why?
• What do I need from me for me?
• What do I need from others?


The small adjustment is carving 10 minutes out of your routine to learn in order to address the issue.


Feeling like you’ve done enough requires making an adjustment to how you think.


No more indulging in ways of thinking designed to keep us all small, unhappy and unfulfilled – where standards are so high it’s impossible to achieve and where perfection is required.


Remember, you never wake up thinking: I’m not going to try to live my best life today.


What motivates most of us when we start a new day is this question: What I can do to best achieve safety, security, happiness, joy and peace?


At the end of your day, whatever you’ve done has been the best that you can do. Be fair to yourself. Given the resources available, what is happening in your life (or not happening), the energy, time and everything else. You have done the best you can. 


Acknowledge that you have done enough.


You can’t go any faster than you’re going.


You are doing the best you can.


What’s the small adjustment? Deprogramming the thought in your head that you haven’t done enough by starting the habit of thinking: You have done enough.


Remember, you can’t suddenly make a change without adjusting and creating the conditions for your success.


So, remember small adjustments lead to big results.


From Thought to Action


What’s 1 small adjustment you can make to help you avoid what you don’t want and to help you get what you do want?


Book time to implement this 1 adjustment in your calendar this week! Next, follow through and repeat!


Hey, you’ve got this!


Virtual high-five!



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