Priorities: Can You Get It All Done?

I was listening to a podcast when I heard this:


“The trouble with priorities is that you can’t have more than 1.”


Here’s the definition of priority: It’s a thing that is regarded as more important than another.


But we live in a world where it is impossible to have 1 priority. 


Or is it?


How we live and work is built on structures with unequal power dynamics in play. 


There is colonization. There is racism. There is a lack of an intersectional, diverse and equitable approach. 


To focus on 1 thing can feel like a privilege few can afford – especially when systems are built to keep some of us feeling insecure, ill-equipped and under resourced but…


Until we dismantle power structures that no longer serve us, we need to create some breathing room so we don’t collapse and burn-out. 


There needs to be another way.


And the way is what you learn when you attend my workshop: Set Yourself Up for Success in 2023, this Saturday, December 10, 2022.


Can You Get It All Done?


Yes – but as the saying goes – not all at once.


You can have multiple priorities but how you accomplish all of them requires a strategy.


In my workshop you will learn how focusing on this one priority feeds and supports the other ones. 


How Focusing on 1 Priority Allows You to Achieve More.


Let me share a personal example.
My overarching priority is: To be fit and energetic.
This simple phrase is what informs my priorities annually, monthly, weekly and daily.
Prioritizing being fit and energetic allows me to show up for you and others.


It helps me coach clients to get what they want on their terms and aligned with their values.


It helps me build organizational capacity to create healthy, inclusive workplaces where honest conversations can take place without the toxicity and with compassion.


Prioritizing being fit and energetic ensures I not only make a living – I also enjoy life!
When I forget – because yes, I get overwhelmed too – this one goal is the reset I come back to in order to regroup and focus.


Okay Jo! – I hear what you saying – But how do you practically prioritize being fit and energetic? What does it look like?


Good question.


The answer is not 1 thing.


It’s looks like getting in the bed at 9:30pm and winding down. No screen time. 


It looks like 2 hours spent stretching, exercising, journalling and meditating every morning.


It looks like 30 to 40 minutes of exercise 3-4 times a week.


How we achieve priorities are unique and personal to us.

There is so much that goes into identifying and following through on priorities. If done well, it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

It feels exciting and invigorating. When challenges inevitably arise, the clarity in identifying this priority, ensures a resolve to persevere.


Learn how to develop your overarching priority to set yourself up for success in 2023.


The workshop is this Saturday, December 10th from 9am to 11am EST.


There is a recording that will be made available. Showing up live enables you to take full advantage of group coaching.


If you’ve already signed up for the workshop share this link with a friend.

We are more innovative when we work in community.
And if you haven’t signed up, join us!
Make it possible to achieve your priorities with clarity, confidence and empowerment. 


Sign-up and I’ll see you there!


Virtual high-five!