Today I Am Awesome Because…

How many times do you start a sentence like that?

I suspect the answer is likely: Not often or Never.

Now how many times do you think or say the following:

I am such an idiot!

I am so stupid!

I am a failure!

Likely more often than you care to admit right?

Isn’t it interesting how the habit of speaking to ourselves so harshly is so ingrained in us we barely notice the message we keep repeating to ourselves?

Now let’s widen our scope of thinking. There are so many things happening today, right now, that suck. That really suck. It sucks so much that using the word “sucks” doesn’t even begin to describe the depth of how awful things are in this moment.

So we become even more committed to making a positive, impactful difference. The thing is, there are so many road blocks. So many challenges. It’s easy to become frustrated, feel hopeless and without completely realizing it, repeat to ourselves: I am such an idiot. I am so stupid. I am a failure.

But doing this only makes it tougher.

Why not try a different approach? One that won’t hurt as much?

Why not take a moment today to reinforce your resilience and ability to persevere?

Why not finish the sentence: Today I am awesome because…



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