Choose Inspiration

Part of my morning routine is to listen to music be it a rural village or major city.

Music is powerful. It taps into a place inside of us that stirs up emotions. It can take us on a journey to the depths of despair, sadness, anger, happiness and hope.

What I listen to on my way to work has an effect on my mood. Under Pressure by David Bowie & Queen and The Payback by James Brown was on my go-to-work play list. I gotta tell you, as much as it felt like a release of frustration I was holding within at the time, it also perpetuated those feelings.

My play list is different now. I have music that inspires me. It shifts my focus to what is possible.

There’s a song by Lianne Lahavas, Is Your Love Big Enough? It gets me so excited and almost always brings tears to my eyes. It’s the chorus that gets me:

“So I’ve just got to know,
I truly have to know,
So you’ve got to let me know,
Is your love big enough for what’s to come?
Is your love big enough?”

I feel my inner voice screaming: YES! YES! My love is big enough for all the friggin’ amazing possibilities out there! YES!

Other songs that get me going are:

Overcome by Laura Mvula

Dance to the Music by Sly and the Family Stone

Move on Up by Curtis Mayfield

There is a time and place to be with all your emotions. Sometimes, you gotta give your heart a little motivation.

Choose to be inspired.




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