In India I worked long days. They were filled with business meetings, proposal writing, negotiating contracts and delivering training. It was fulfilling and challenging work.

Almost every day I set the intention to play street footie (soccer) outside the office with a colleague. Sometimes if the neighbourhood kids were around we would set-up small teams. It would only be for 15 minutes and then it was back to work.

On the days I felt I couldn’t afford to take 15 minutes, I’d play with my rubix cube for a minute or two.


These activities always helped me re-set. It got me to be present. I felt energized. It helped me look at my work with a fresh perspective.


Play doesn’t have to be a sport or a game.


The idea is to bring a sense of fun to an activity to help you be present. Perhaps it’s knitting, sketching, hula hooping, ultimate Frisbee, tennis, the list is infinite.


So, how can you incorporate play into your day?


Start practicing this daily. Set a timer on your phone or a reminder in your calendar.






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