Listen To Your Body

I should practice yoga.

I should stay late and finish this report.

I should go out to the party to celebrate the launch of the project.

I should see my friend.

I should do the dishes.

I should…

Every time you start a “should” sentence how does your body react? Have you ever noticed? Does it make you feel anxious? Does it make you feel like your body is smiling from the inside saying: HELL YEAH!

Listen to your body.

One way or another it will make you listen. You can do it the easy way, like listening to it when it say, “Go to sleep now and don’t get up until you feel like it,” or the hard way when you find yourself home sick because you pushed yourself too hard.

I know. I know. It’s easier said than done. So here’s the question: What’s the one message you will listen to that your body is giving you this week? Set the intention to listen to it just once.

Maybe it’s sleeping in one day.

Maybe it’s choosing not to answer your phone the next time it rings.

Maybe it’s picking up the book ordered months ago that you have wanted to read and shutting down the computer for the day.

Listen to your body.

Be gentle with yourself.

You’re doing the best you can.



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